PM Studios and Acttil are excited to announce that together they are bringing the emotionally evocative music game Deemo™: The Last Recital to the PlayStation®Vitasystem via PlayStation®Network, available to fans in the North American and European markets this spring. Players will fall in love with this heart-wrenching urban fantasy story, brought to life with gorgeous hand-drawn artwork, and sink into the beautiful piano melodies throughout the world of Deemo: The Last Recital. 

Originally released on iOS and Android, Deemo has been downloaded well over 5 million times, garnering overwhelmingly positive reviews. Over the years, onthe-go players have found themselves drawn into this calming yet emotionally engaging game. Now PlayStation Vita owners can experience this stunning game!


Deemo is a mystical creature who lives a life of solitude deep within a mysterious castle. One day, a little girl plummets from the sky. She has no idea who she is, or where she comes from. As Deemo tries to help the little girl return to her world, they discover a strange tree attached to a piano which grows taller with each note it hears. How will Deemo adjust to a companionship it has never before experienced? Will the little girl be able to handle whatever truths she may gain if her lost memories return? Accompanied by the haunting notes of the piano, help uncover the mysteries surrounding the mystical Deemoand the enigmatic girl from the sky.

Key Features

▪ Music of hearts! – 100+ captivating songs from various composers and genres await you! Let the voice of the piano calm your heart!

▪ 3 difficulty modes! – Start with Easy mode and work your way up to Hard mode to test your sense of rhythm via simple, intuitive gameplay!

▪ Beautiful hand-drawn artwork! –The gorgeous hand-drawn art will tug at your heartstrings as the gripping story unfolds!

▪ Mesmerizing story! – The music, artwork, and narrative all come together in this amazingly charming experience! Submerge yourself in the world of Deemo!


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