Go Go Nippon is another visual novel that has found its way to Steam. Developed by Overdrive and published by MangaGamer, it’s a short but fun adventure title for anime fans and gamers searching for an affordably priced visual novel. Originally released on other retail sites, this visual novel can now be enjoyed by fans that may have missed the title the first time around.

You begin the game as a young man who has saved up money for years to finally go on your dream vacation to Japan. During that time, you brushed up on your language skills while conversing with your online friends Makoto and Akira. Shortly after your arrival, you discover that Makoto and Akira are actually two cute sisters who serve as your tour guides in Japan. As an added bonus, you discover that you’ll spend quality time with them as their parents are conveniently out of town on a business trip as you stay at their residence.

The game allows you to determine the currency conversion rate that will affect your expenses and give you a budget as you travel from one district to another. Depending on the location you choose, one of the sisters will accompany you by showing you tourist spots, taking you out to dinner and describing the local culture and geographic history. The locations will not be mentioned so as to avoid spoilers and once you complete the game, you’ll have access to a sightseeing album on select parts of Japan. Choices that you make are mostly non-consequential as scenes will vary with different CGs unlocked depending on where you decide to go with either Makoto or Akira.

There are only two endings to this visual novel with dialogue that is provided in both English and Japanese for those that are especially keen on both languages throughout the game. Aside from two screenshots with a bit of fanservice, there is no nudity or adult scenes to be found in this visual novel which makes the game age-appropriate for various anime fans and otakus.

Though the game is short, it is a very lighthearted and enjoyable visual novel for fans who wish to be entertained while learning more about Japan. Though the asking price is a little steep for a visual novel of this length, it serves as a nice addition to any fan’s library of visual novel and anime-inspired games library.



PROS – Charming, fun and lighthearted visual novel

CONS – The VN is really short


SCORE – 75%

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